Make Permanent Marker Disappear with Toothpaste

The most amazing thing happened today. I used toothpaste to get permanent marker off our dining room table.

While I was working on a blog post, my toddler sat at the other end of the table drawing. Yes, I know you shouldn’t let a toddler use permanent marker, but she was being still and quiet. Parents know if your child is still and quiet in front of you, you let them do whatever they want. As I typed away, I looked up to see how my child was doing. That’s when I noticed the paper was no longer on the table and she was scribbling away. Ignoring that my child had tattooed herself with permanent marker, I snatched her up and led her away. I grabbed one bottle of cleaning solution after another, but nothing worked. Which led me to toothpaste. I smeared toothpaste on the table and was astonished that the marker came right off. I was so amazed that I quickly posted the action on Instagram.

Here were the steps I made:

  1. Squeeze toothpaste onto marker stains.
  2. Spread the toothpaste around.
  3. Wipe up with a wet rag.

It’s as easy as that.

Please share and let your friends know. We’ll tackle one permanent marker stain after another. My house will smell minty fresh for weeks.

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