Mega Bloks Barbie Build ‘N Style

Mega Bloks Barbie Build ‘N Style!

megabloks-build-n-style-pet-shop-80224-3141Too often, building and designing toy sets are marketed to boys. Finally, in recent years, more and more companies are marketing building sets towards girls – too bad they think marketing for girls means “pink” and “fashion.”

Mega Bloks Barbie Build ‘N Style is a set obviously intended for girls.  Barbie Build ‘n Style is a series of sets with designs like Pet Shop, Ice Cream Cart, Fashion Stand, and others. Young builders will not only enjoy putting the sets together, they will also have fun playing with their completed creation.

Pros: Creative kids will enjoy building these easy to assemble sets and those that love Barbie products will enjoy playing with them once they are completed. And the sets can be combined to make a large play area.

Cons: Lots of pink. Lots of it. I’m ready for a Board Room Barbie play set or a sports field play set. My daughter would love those too.

Age Suggestion: 4 and up

*The company provided a sample of the product for my review, but I was not compensated and the opinions are my own.

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