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M Drive Protein Shakes and Supplements Give My Day the Kick Start it Needs

Before my kids wake up, I make my bed, work out in my basement, do some inspirational reading, and prepare the morning for the school rush chaos. And I’m not a morning person. It’s hard to get motivated, which is why the very first thing I do every morning is make my bed. That way, every time I step into my bedroom, I’m welcomed by a calmness that a clean room brings.

The next thing I do is mix up a protein shake. Actually, that’s a lie. The next thing I do is go to the bathroom. Being in my late 40s means the bathroom and I are in a close relationship. In years gone by, my trips to the potty were not as frequent as they are now. Before I get into this story, if you’re going to the bathroom more than normal, get your prostate checked. If you’re my age, that should be a yearly thing, anyway. Unfortunately, the new normal for guys my age is more pit stops.

Frequent bathroom trips are not the only thing that changes when you get to my age. Testosterone levels are down. In fact, testosterone drops in your 30s and drops 1.6% a year. Free and bioavailable levels decline by 2% to 3% a year. If that happens in your 30s, well, welcome to the late 40s.

Mostly when people discuss testosterone, they’re talking about sex. And yes, sexual desires and abilities to perform are and should be focal points of the conversation. But there’s more to testosterone than sex. Low testosterone is linked to low energy, moodiness, less body hair (welcome to my bald spot), weight gain, and thinner bones.

Focusing on the low energy aspect of my aging body, I need help. I’m down to 3 kids in my house. The fourth joined the Army and is out of my fleeting hair. Even though I’m down to 3 kids, I’m still running around at a crazy amount. Parents that have kids in sports know what I’m talking about. My 11-year-old has soccer 4 or 5 days a week. And my 8-year-old is in gymnastics, so I’m running her around twice a week. Thankfully, my oldest daughter is an artist and requires a little running around. Add in doctor visits, dental visits, school functions, and whatever else pops up on the schedule creates a very exhausted me.

All this means my body is juggling age, dropping testosterone levels, low energy, and a million things on each calendar day. Did I mention I’m exhausted? I’d be tired if I was 25, let alone 48. I need help.

A new part of my routine to not just get me through the day, but to be alert throughout the day, starts with the earlier mentioned protein shake. Before I go to bed each night, I set out my protein shake to grab in the morning. After I make my bed and pee, I down a M Drive Protein Shake and take Elite Performance supplements. After stretching, I hit my basement home gym. Getting in a good sweat before my kids wake up makes me feel like I’ve already accomplished something big. On days that I don’t work out, I feel off and not as clear-headed. I’m much more easily depressed and anxious on those days as well. This isn’t just an influencer gig, this is real. When taking the protein shake and supplements, my days are fuller and I feel better about myself and the day ahead.


After I work out, I do some inspiration reading. This could be scripture or quotes that I’ve come across. Sometimes, I focus on a song. After a moment of Zen, I get the kids up and ready for school. The hour of getting my kids up and out the door is always chaotic. Always. If I get a workout before they are up, that chaotic moment is easier to manage. When I don’t, I feel like I’m working behind schedule. Those days, I’m not in the best mood.

After the kids are off to school, my work-from-home day starts. Besides my influencer/blogging duties, I’m writing a novel. When I’m focused, those duties fly by. When the workout and protein shake are skipped, I’m foggy and temperamental.

Before I pick up my kids, I do a bit of cleaning. I’m a neat freak and when things are messy, I’m cranky. During this time, I clean and do any meal prep that needs to be done for supper. Then, I’m off to get the kids and a usual stop at the playground. Once the kids are home, the day picks up speed.

After homework and a bit of playtime, we’re off to soccer. A track surrounds the soccer field where my son practices, so I run around the track while he’s at practice. Often, my 8-year-old runs with me and plays with her friends nearby. The run is between 3 and 5 miles. After practice, we eat a late dinner and I watch a little TV with my 8-year-old and then put her to bed. After she’s down, I watch a Star Wars show or Marvel show with my 11-year-old and then put him to bed. Once he’s in bed, I spend some quality time with my 17-year-old. We usually watch something horrifying.

When the house is quiet, I do some last-minute cleaning and put out the M Drive shake and supplements for the morning. Putting them out reminds me to get my butt in gear. Without the 22 grams of protein per shake and the zumXR extended-release energy, getting through the workout and the post workout activities is difficult. The Nitric Oxide boost helps me feel stronger during and after the workout. Digezyme helps with digesting the shake, which, let’s face it, digestion is another issue for us middle-aged folks. Chromaz helps to assist in body fat reduction and pronative helps my body restore itself. And KSM-66 help the low T, which supports healthy cortisol testosterone levels. There’s a lot of good stuff in the shake for us Gen Xers trying to stay healthy. (The Science behind the shakes)

The shake also has Vitamins C, B6, E, B3, B5, and B7. And if you’re unsure if the shake is right for you, M Drive comes with a 60-day guarantee.

Being an aging dad, I need all the help I can get. This dad job isn’t as easy as it used to be. It takes more to get me up and keep me going. I’ll take all the help I can get. I’m thankful M Drive shakes and M Drive Elite supplements are on my counter to push me to a better me.

For those wanting to purchase a protein shake, take this quiz to see which shake is best for you. M Drive has a wide variety of shakes and supplements to help you meet your goals.


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