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Laundry Sucks! But a Washing Machine Doesn’t Have to

I received a number of unsolicited advice when I had my first baby. Everywhere I went; family, friends, and even strangers halted me in my tracks to offer advice. Here’s something that nobody every bothered to chat with me about – how much doing laundry sucks. There was never a heads up or a word of caution. It is as though hatred towards laundry is bottled up and placed on the shelf to never take down.

As a father of 4, laundry day for me is every day. My oldest is 15 and plays on his high school soccer team and plays on a club team. And he plays soccer when he’s not playing for his teams. That’s a lot of sweaty clothes. My youngest two are 7 and 4, and they are, well, 7 and 4. This means they eat like dinosaurs and no bib could capture all of their dribbles and crumbs. I also have a 13-year-old daughter that feels the need to change a thousand times a day for her Tick Tock videos, and those clothes somehow end up in the laundry basket underneath above said clothes. It is my least favorite thing about being the one who takes care of the home.

About a month ago, my washing machine had enough. It may have even coughed after a load and let out a sigh. For two weeks after, I had to run the clothes to a laundromat. After taking out a small loan in quarters to get all our laundry finished, picking up a new washing machine was placed on the fast track.
Thankfully, Christmas came early and Santa in the shape of a Home Depot employee dropped off a new Whirlpool Front-Loading Washer. There are so many fancy settings on this washing machine that I actually read the instruction manual. And it was a riveting read. Cold wash/warm wash, Delicates/Heavy Duty, Towels/wrinkle control, I could go on and on. So many choices!
Even though I felt my enthusiasm for the new washing machine could be contagious, the joy of my new toy didn’t catch on. I’m still the one washing everyone’s clothes without a thank you in response, but at least I feel appreciated by Whirlpool.
Looking for that gift that says, “I love you” to someone special this holiday season? Does this person do your laundry? If the answer to those 2 questions are “Yes,” then purchase a new washing machine from Whirlpool. And then take it up a notch and do the laundry yourself. That’s how you earn bonus points.

Here’s my laundry advice.

* Buy a machine with a proven track record, because you don’t want to lug in and out a machine that only lasts a couple of years.

* Have a laundry day. That’s your day. Binge watch, pour a glass of your favorite drink, and take a seat on the floor. Place a “Do Not Disturb” sign by you.

* If someone complains about their laundry, sounds like they need to do their own.

* If you do the laundry, you’ve got power over every fight. Always bring laundry up as an equalizer.

* If you don’t fold it right away, who cares about wrinkles? If the family cares, they can fold.

* The only thing worse than folding the laundry is putting it away. Don’t have any advice there. Just that it sucks.

* The washing machine is your friend. Take care of it. Occasionally run the machine with nothing in it to clean it out. And yes, Whirlpool’s new front load washer has a self-cleaning option.
* * ******************************************************************
Was that not enough to buy a washing machine from Whirlpool?
Have you heard about Whirlpool’s Care Counts Program in which they are fighting chronic absenteeism in public schools? In the past 5 years, whirlpool has assisted 38,000 students in 82 schools with the opportunity to launder their clothes at school. Many kids are missing school because they don’t have access to clean clothes. In fact, 1 in 5 students lacks access to clean clothes. To learn more about how Whirlpool is helping and ways for you to get involved, visit  

Disclaimer: I worked with Whirlpool on this post and was compensated for my review.

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