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Is Top Gun: Maverick Appropriate for Kids?

I was in the 6th grade when I went to the movie theater to see Top Gun. Within minutes of watching the movie, I believed there wasn’t anyone in the world cooler than Maverick. And then, a little later while watching the movie, I decided that there wasn’t a cooler person in the world than Ice Man.

While watching the first Top Gun, I sat on the edge of my seat. My body tensed as planes flew upside down, pilots fought, and poor Goose floated lifeless in the ocean. And what kid didn’t dream of finding that special someone in a bar to serenade with “You’ve lost that loving feeling?” 36 years later, I was once again that 12-year-old boy sitting on the edge of his seat with a tense body watching Top Gun: Maverick. I laughed, I drew tears, and I cheered.

I can’t gush enough about Top Gun: Maverick. Sequels to beloved movies we’ve seen long ago often miss the mark of what we were hoping for. Maverick exceeded what I wanted the sequel to be. It might even be better. For nostalgic reasons, I’m going to say the first one is top, but I’m willing to agree with those that will choose Maverick over the original. Can you tell I love this film?

In a nutshell, Top Gun: Maverick is about, well, it’s about Maverick and where he’s at in life 30 years later. He is summoned back to Top Gun to teach a group of pilots about participating in a daring mission. One of those pilots is Goose’s son Rooster. There’s a lot of drama between Maverick and Rooster and much of the movie is about their relationship.

I was invited to see Top Gun: Maverick on an Imax screen and it was a phenomenal viewing experience. This is not a movie you should wait to see on a small screen in your home. Tom Cruise pushed to release the film when moviegoers could appreciate the movie in a theater and it was the right choice. I’m probably going to see it again. Maybe not on an Imax screen, but I’m definitely going to see it again.

Now let’s get into why you’re probably reading this.


Is Top Gun: Maverick appropriate for kids?

If they have seen the first Top Gun, they should be okay with seeing Maverick. There’s action, some swearing, and a brief sex scene, but nothing graphic. It’s an intense movie, but if they watch superhero movies, Top Gun: Maverick should be a walk in the park.

Violence: There’s a fight scene and, of course, plane battles, but the violence is mild.
Sex: There is one brief sex scene, but it’s more implied than shown. You know what they are going to do and you know what they did.
Cursing: There’s a good amount of cursing in the movie. Living in NYC, my kids hear more bad words walking down the sidewalk, so it didn’t faze us.
Scary images: There are many intense scenes, but nothing I would label as “scary.”
I’m going to let my 10-year-old see the movie in the theater. We’ll wait for my 6-year-old to see it though, mainly because she hasn’t seen the first movie.

Enjoy Top Gun: Maverick. From what I read, everyone that sees it does.

Disclaimer: Imax Corporation invited me to see Top Gun: Maverick. However, the review and love for the movie are all me.

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  1. Thanks, I didn’t realize this was a sequel & will enjoy seeing it at some point.

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