Hot Wheels, Firetrucks, Barbi, and Skylanders: Toy review of new items from Mega Bloks

Super Blitzen Monster TruckSuper Blitzen Monster Truck

Hot wheels has been a hit with kids for generations. Now kids can assemble their own Hot Wheels vehicles out of Mega Bloks. Even better, if your kids like to demolish their Build –N- Play sets after they put them together, this toy is a fun one to have. After putting the set together, run the truck through obstacle courses, crash it, and pop it back together for another run.

With the pull and release action, the truck can race against others or push its way through cones and other items placed in front. The truck also come with a driver.

The truck only needs 87 pieces and takes under 10 minutes to assemble.

Age: 5 and up.

Price: $19.99

Pros: Building Hot Wheels can be fun for almost every kid ever.

Cons: Some of the younger kids might get frustrated at snapping the pieces together, whichrequires some dexterity. Older kids probably won’t have that problem.

Firetruck Finn

Firetruck Finn

Mega Bloks continues to put out great toys for toddlers. Firetruck Finn is ideal for young kids because of its durability and easy maneuverability. This truck can take a good tossing and crashing. With a steering wheel on the top of the cab, kids can easily guide the truck to its destination. The truck comes with 15 extra blocks, which provides extra fun for the child using it. A fireman also comes with the truck, and he can be placed onto a ladder and swung around. The truck works great with other Mega Bloks in case the child wants to put together a building and have Finn come and save the day.

Age: 1 to 5

Price: $29.99

Pros: As with most Mega Bloks First Builder Toys, they are light and durable and are great toys to take to the beach or the park. They make great inside or outside toys.

Cons: If you play with the ladder long enough, it will begin to pop off. Which isn’t an issue, unless the child begins to get frustrated when trying to put it back on.

Barbi Super Star Stage

Barbi Build n Style Super Star Stage

Do you have a child that loves to channel their inner rock star? If so, then the Barbi Super Star stage from Mega Bloks might be a good gift. At 290 pieces, it isn’t an easy snap together toy, but once put together, it is fun to play with. The stage is two stories and provides a lot of area for Barbi and her two friends to rock around. A lift can elevate one of the figures to the top or they can play to their adoring fans below on the main stage.

The stage also plays 3 songs with lights flashing. If you play your own music nearby, the stage and the lights will flash along with the music. I’d recommend going that route, unless you happen to love canned music.

My age recommendation: 5 and up.

Price: Around $59.99

Pro: As with my other Barbi Build n Play toy reviews, I’m thrilled toy companies are marketing construction toys towards girls.

Cons: As with my other Barbi Build n Play toy reviews, I wish they wouldn’t be so pink and sterotypical of what girls are supposed to be interested in. I’m still waiting for a Barbi Build n Play Courtroom, Boardroom, or Soccer Stadium.

Skylander Robot King

Skylanders Arkeyen Robot King

Skylanders will be everywhere this holiday season. Skylander’s popularity continues to climb and those kids that are causing this acceleration will enjoy playing with the Arkeyen Robot King from Mega Bloks. At 294 pieces, the set takes around 25 minutes to put together and isn’t too tasking. The set comes with two blue chompies, a treasure chest, and a Pop Fizz figure, and the hands can also be launched off the arms to hit a target.

Once assembled, it can be combined with other robot sets for one giant battle. What I love about the Skylander Mega Bloks is that you can have these huge battles and once the toys are broken, all you need to do is snap them back together to battle another day.

Age suggestion: 5 and up

Price: Around $29.99

Pros: Being able to piece together a toy after a battle is a big plus for kids that love to set out massive battle scenes.

Cons: At around $29.99, if you want to have a huge battle with these giant robots, be prepared to spend a lot of money.

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