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Talking About Faith, Being a stay-at-home dad, and Our Violent World with The Furthering Fathering Corp.

I had the privilege of speaking on the Furthering Fathering Corp. podcast. The interview took place a couple of days after the Buffalo shooting, so we chat about that. We also talked about faith, being a stay-at-home dad in New York City, and I shared how I speak to my kids about racism and the actions we take.

Furthering Fathering Organization is a nonprofit that “encourages, honors, and trains, and holds fathers accountable in a safe environment by helping them creatively and actively serve, train, reconcile and create lasting memories for their children.”

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the founders of Furthering Fathering for a long time after meeting them after I was awarded the Dad’s Matter Award from the Mayor of New York City. Since then, we’ve supported one another through friendship, appreciation, and sharing a desire to see dads reach their potential.

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