Farkle Around: Game Review

Farkle AroundFarkle Around

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Players: 3 and up

Price: $15.99

Age Suggestion: 8 and up

Game nights are popular in homes all around the world. Here are my qualifications for a good game: It must be easy to understand, large groups or small groups alike should be able to play, and the game must hold my kids’ attention. Farkle Around meets all those criteria and doesn’t gather dust on the shelves, since it has become a staple for game night in our house.

How it is played:

A card with a picture of 12 dice, six red and six white, is placed in the center of the players. One player rolls 6 red dice while another rolls 6 white dice. Then the race begins. The player must match the dice they roll to the dice on the card, and they can continue to roll so long as they can match at least one die to the dice on thecards. If no dice match, the player must pass the remaining dice to the next player.  The player who finally completes a set of six gets the points that are displayed on the card. The first player to 10,000 points is the winner. Surprisingly simple, the game was a hit with all ages at a recent family reunion.  Even those who initially were not inclined to play a game were pulled in by the action and asked to join the fun.

The age suggestion on the box is 8 and up, but my daughter, who recently turned 7, has no problem understanding and playing the game. Because the game is simple to understand, I think many 6 year olds that enjoy games will be able to play.

I recommend picking this game up for your next game night.


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