Chuggington Koko’s Safari Adventure: Toy Review

Chuggington Koko's Safari AdventureChuggington Koko’s Safari Adventure

When it comes to toys, you can always count on one thing train sets will always be a hit with kids… and grownups too.  While there are many train sets in our home, the one that has most recently captivated my young son’s attention is the Chuggington Stack Tracks. Fans of the show, a Disney pre-school TV series that centers around a group of young trains in training, will love the Chuggington Stack Tracks.

The newest Chuggington set in our house is Koko’s Safari adventure. Like all of the sets, it can be added to a larger set or played with on its own. The set comes with a small track, a monkey swinging in a tree, a train, and cargo. The set is made out of hard plastic and is easily put together. (It took me about 5 minutes to snap everything into place, which is great because my 18 month old loves to destroy even more than he loves to build.) My son plays with the set by placing the train at the top of the tracks and watching it roll down the hill. He repeats this over and over again.

Pros: The thing that I love the most about this set is that you can get really creative without taking up too much space. The set can be built upward, as well as outward. Living in New York City, space is limited, but this train track allows for endless creative possibilities in a confined space.  Another plus, kids will enjoy playing with the sets on their own.

Cons: The sets are purchased separately and you’ll run up a large bill if you want to get really creative with your Chuggington world. That being said, you’ll always have an answer when someone asks you for gift ideas.

Age Suggestion: 4 and up

Price: $24.99

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