Ella’s Kitchen: Product Review

Ellas KitchenMost of the food I feed my kids comes from my own kitchen and is made by my own hands. I’ve been doing this for over 8 years now. But, there are those days when I just can’t do it. And those days seem to be happening more and more. Whenever I’m too tired to cook or I don’t have anything to offer my now 15 month-old, I try to find something that is quick, simple, and good for him, or at least not too bad for him.  And I like to avoid mega-brand processed food whenever I can.

My go-to food for those days when I’m not up for cooking or preparing food for my little one are the products from Ella’s Kitchen. I first discovered the products at a Dad 2.0 conference (free samples anyone?), and since then I’ve had a place in my cupboard for those colorful packets.

Ella’s Kitchen was founded by Paul Lindley  with the goal of giving his daughter Ella and her generation good-tasting, healthy, and nutritional food.  He hit the mark with chicken corn mash, oat crumble with apples, raisins, and custard, and smoothie fruits (among others), all of which – like everything made by Ella’s Kitchen – are 100% organic.  And there is no added sugar, salt, or anything artificial.

An added bonus is that the squeezable pouches fit perfectly in tiny hands.  Recently we took a long car ride and we brought a few pouches along. Being able to hand a package of food to my 15 month old for him to feed himself was a huge contributor to our peaceful car ride. There was no awkward reaching over seats to feed him and the squeezable pouch helped keep the mess to a minimum.

Nibbly Fingers are another favorite by Ella’s Kitchen. These kid-friendly snack bars are made with organic fruits and vegetables and are great for outings or snacking in-between meals. I don’t leave home without a couple in my diaper bag and my son is always eager to chow down on them.

Another great reason to support Ella’s Kitchen?  They are committed to giving back and are involved in helping communities and bettering and preserving the environment. To learn more about their community involvements, click here.

Ella’s Kitchen products can be pricier than other types of baby food, but with their high nutritional value, environmental commitment, and lack of ingredients that I can’t stand seeing in my child’s food, I don’t mind purchasing them for the occasional meal or snack.

To purchase Ella’s Kitchen products online, click here.

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