Dove Men+Care: Product Review

When I was about 6 year old, I walked into my grandparent’s bathroom and took down my grandfather’s shaving cream and aftershave. I lathered up my face just like he did and slowly began to shave using his old man razor. Remarkably, my first time shaving only resulted in a few nicks, but I immediately became scared that I would get in trouble for cutting my face with his razor.

I rinsed off my face and tried my best to clog the bleeding. As I stood in front of the mirror believing that I was on my way to manhood, I scanned the shelves for the finishing touches. With pieces of toilet paper stuck to my face, I splashed on some of his aftershave. Still afraid that I would be found out, I held the scream inside my head. My face turned red and I splashed cold water in an effort to relieve the burning. It is no wonder that I hated shaving for so long.

Dove Men CareUnfortunately, (or fortunately depending on your beard appreciation) I could grow a Grizzly Adams-sized beard in a matter of days. As a result, I’ve had many shaves quite similar to that first run with a razor. (By the way, never run with a razor.) And I had grown used to that flesh burning sensation that accompanies sliding a very sharp object along my skin.

That was until I began using Dove Men+Care products after attending a Dad 2.0 conference in Houston last year, in which Dove Men+Care was a sponsor. Now it looks like my bathroom is sponsored by Dove Men+Care and the days of having a Home Alone Macully Caulkin moment are over.

Dove’s newest line of products, face wash, shave gels, post shave balm, and lotion, have helped me take better care of my face and the days of scrapes and stings are in the past. Now, if I could only experience a shave without seeing my toddler’s fingers slide under the bathroom door while I’m in there.

*The company provided a sample of the product for my review, but I was not compensated and the opinions are my own.

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