Disney Live: Three Classic Fairy Tales – Review

Photo courtesy of Shea Communications
Photo courtesy of Shea Communications

Usually when you see a live stage performance, singing and talking in the audience is frowned upon. Unless you see a Disney Live performance, in which case the rules of theater-going are tossed aside. My family and I recently watched Disney Live: Three Classic Fairy Tales and we sang and shouted from our hearts as we watched some of our favorite Disney characters dance and perform from the stage in front of us.

The current touring Disney Live follows Mickey Mouse and his usual cast of friends as they read a book about three of the most popular princesses of all time, Cinderella, Snow White, and Belle. (Is Belle considered a princess? For the sake of all things Disney, I’ll include her as a Princess.)

My family and I loved watching the Disney Live performance. The dancers, who performed to a pre-taped soundtrack, were fantastic and moved quickly through the three stories. The audience was encouraged to interact with the performers; for instance, Snow White asked the audience’s opinion about whether she should eat the poisoned apple. The audience was filled with Disney lovers who sang along with each memorable lyric.

My rambunctious three year old sat mesmerized as he watched the show. And my two oldest kids, (10 & 8) enjoyed the show as well. We have seen Disney shows over the years at Disneyland and a Disney Cruise and this show reminded me of a lot of what you find at the theme parks and cruise, but bigger in production and longer in performance time. The sets and effects were grand as well.

If you are looking for a fun show to take you family to, Disney Live is high up on my list. In my opinion, it’s best suited to kids ages ten and younger, or to older kids (and adults) who still love the Disney magic.

You can find tickets by clicking here.

Disney Live 3 Princesses
Photo courtesy of Shea Communications
Disney Live Gaston
Photo courtesy of Shea Communications

Disclaimer: Disney Live provided tickets for my family in compensation for participating in a review and giveaway. 

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