Give the Dad in Your Life A Moment of Peace with a Cup of Coffee

This is a sponsored post on behalf of J. M. Smucker Company. I received compensation for this post; however, all opinions stated are my own.

Being a dad is one of my greatest joys, but the day-to-day grind can be… well, grinding.  Each hour brings a challenge or task that must be completed. Because of the number of tasks that need to be accomplished, it helps to split my day up into four phases.

 Phase 1:

This is the most chaotic phase. My day begins with the cries of my toddler yelling, “daddy!” From that moment, my wife and I each pretend to be asleep and then negotiate who gets up with her. Lately, this conversation has been happening at 5:45am.

The next one to wake up is my oldest son. He wakes up at 7:00. Let’s stop there for a second. I try to wake him up at 7:00. Then I request for him to get up. Then I bargain with him. Then I demand he gets up. Then repeat. My 5-year-old is the next one to get up, but he is a little easier than the rest of his siblings in the morning.

My 11-year-old is the last to get up at around 7:45. While getting kids up in the morning, I’m also getting them dressed and ready for the day as my wife prepares for work.


Phase 2:

Phase 2 begins after I walk back home after dropping my 5-year-old off at school. My 11-year-old daughter is homeschooled, which is the most challenging portion of the day. While teaching my daughter her lessons, I try to entertain my toddler so she isn’t too distracting for my 11-year-old.


Phase 3:

During phase 3, homeschool lessons have ended and I pick up my 5-year-old from school. The toddler wakes up from a short nap and my oldest son arrives home from school. Sounds peaceful, doesn’t it? It’s not. During this phase, I shuttle kids to soccer practice, Tae Kwon Do, or one of many other places I need to take them.


Phase 4:

This is the closing ceremony of our day. We have supper, watch a little TV, and put the kids to bed. It is my favorite part of the day. Well, the putting to bed part is my favorite. I love putting my kids to bed. Not because I get to have time to myself, but because it’s a chance to reset — all the errors and mistakes of the day can be erased at bedtime. Forgiveness happens (or at least is requested) and kids drift off to dreamland. My 5-year-old is at that great age where we read books and say prayers right before a long goodnight hug.


My days are busy. I can’t tell you when the last time I had an easy day was. Most stay-at-home parents share my schedule and can attest that being an at-home parent is challenging. There are moments during my day though where I find peace.


Between Phase 1 and Phase 2, I have my first cup of coffee. My 11-year-old is still trying to get her bearing on the day and my toddler sees how many toys she can drag into the living room. It is during this time that my first peaceful moment arrives. With a coffee cup in my hand, I can mentally prepare for what is about to occur.

The next moment of peace comes towards the end of phase 2. This is when I have my second cup of coffee. In the middle of phase 2, I put my toddler down for a nap. This is also the portion of the school day where my daughter works independently. I take advantage of this time by having a cup of coffee and trying to pound out a blog post, sharing something on social media, or relaxing in a quiet space.

One of the greatest commercial jingles of all time belongs to Folgers®. Go ahead and sing it with me, “The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.” You did it, didn’t you? I think most coffee drinkers can agree with this. I don’t drink coffee just because I need it, but because I want it. I love those peaceful moments over a hot cup of coffee or over an iced coffee on a hot day. They are moments of peace within my chaotic schedule. I love my schedule and I wouldn’t trade it away, but I also love those moments where it is just me and my cup of coffee. I see you nodding in agreement coffee lovers.

 This Father’s Day, give the coffee-loving dad in your life moments of peace by presenting him with Folgers Coffeehouse Blend. And if you want to get creative, throw bottles of caramel, mocha, or a variety of other add ins with your gift to complement Coffeehouse Blend’s bold, distinct coffee flavor. Whether he likes it cold or hot, French press or from a slow-drip coffee pot; you can’t go wrong with the gift of Folgers Coffeehouse Blend.

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