Basic Baby Care – How to hold a baby

This post is the second blog which is part of a 7 day blog series on basic baby care. To read the introduction to the series, click here. 

The first basic baby care post was on how to change a diaper. You can read that post by clicking here. 

Holding a baby

Holding a baby sounds simple enough, but there are actually a lot of people that don’t know how. Many new dads stress about this and I can understand why. A new dad wants to shower his new baby with love, but it seems awkward when the baby is first handed over to them. I have seen this awkward interaction. It can be quite easy to get beyond that awkwardness. Here’s my handy-dandy bullet point tip list for holding a baby.

  • Get comfortable. If this is your first time holding a baby, make yourself comfortable. Remove your jacket or lumpy sweat shirt and stand in a comfortable way. Or better yet, sit down.
  • Always have a hand under the butt.
  • Think of every Virgin May statue or painting that you have ever seen where she is holding baby Jesus. She isn’t holding it out in front to get a full view. She’s holding it nice and tight close to her.
  • The head should be resting on your bicep slightly above the rest of the body. This will work wonders for your shoulders and neck muscles. (Not really)
  • Give a little movement. Bouncing smoothly or walking around helps you and the baby to relax a little.
  • You can also place the head by your shoulder or pectoral muscles with one hand on the baby’s back and the other under the butt.


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