Baby Shark Takes Down a Dad

First it was “Let it go.” Then, various songs from Moana and for a moment, songs from Coco. Somehow during Disney’s takeover of my house, “Baby Shark,” invaded my children’s ears. Because of the fears surrounding Coronavirus, I was asked to keep my daughter at home after she sneezed a couple of times at school. There were deadlines that I needed to be make and so I let the TV babysit my daughter. After writing for an hour, I got a bit of a headache and decided to rest on the couch next to my daughter. Then she turned on Baby Shark and my hopes of a brief rest were over. There was singing and dancing and running. And I’m okay with that, but for the one billionth time, it gets old. And so, as you do in the age of selfies, I made this video.

I respect that the Baby Shark kid and his parents are rolling in the dough after making a viral video and are now showing up in toys, cartoons, and pop culture. However, I’m done with it. I’m ready for it to pass on. How about you? Do you avoid the song at all times? Is the song like nails on a chalkboard, inching their way across your spine?
Now if you’ll excuse me, I have deadlines today and my daughter is once again home from school. Now to put on Baby Shark so I can get a few minutes of work done.

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