Axiom For Men: Enjoying a clean and groomed face

axiomI do not like washing my face. Never have. And I expect that I’m not alone in this. Of course, I kind of washed my face growing up, in that I expected shampoo to run from my head and cover my face at some point during a shower, thus causing my face to be sparkling clean. Come to find out, sparkling isn’t always the best look.

Anyway, I am now 40 years old and staring at a face that has been weathered by over-exposure to the sun.  I’m trying to fight Father Time from pushing me off into Old Man Faceland. To all those that are currently residing in Old Man Faceland, I apologize for any grief that I may have caused by mentioning your current home. But I do not want to reside next door to you any time soon – after all, I’m only 40, and I’m sincerely wishing that I had taken better care of my face these past 40 years.

So I’ve started taking care of my face. And since doing so, I have learned that it feels pretty good. For me, not for the random stranger stroking my face.  Though, after a good washing with Axiom For Men products, it does feel pretty darn good to touch. (You’ll have to take my wife’s word for that, because my wife would probably be upset if you caressed my face.)What I meant to say before I went off on strangers and my wife stroking my face, is that I feel good with a freshly cleaned face. And as a result of cleaning and shaving with Axiom products, I no longer have what I refer to as “oily nose” or “cracked cheeks.” I know many of you guys out there suffer from those two physical hindrances, but are afraid to admit them.  If so, Axiom is around for assistance.

For the past 2 weeks, I have been shaving with Face and Body Shave Cream and have enjoyed the look and the feel the cream provides. It is a little bit pricier than your average store bought shave cream, if you have some extra cash to spend and want to step up your shaving experience, then give Axiom Shave Cream a try. As the bottle suggests, it is also for the rest of the body. I cannot at this time comment on that.

Along with the shave cream, I have also added the Pearlized Cleansing Gel and the Daily Restorative Moisturizer to my daily facial mechanics. I have yet to have a Rebecca Gayheart Noxema moment (guys growing up in the 90s know what I am talking about here), but I can safely say that my face does feel and look a lot better. And I know I should be embarrassed to admit this, but I actually feel more confident when I think my face looks better.

And maybe it doesn’t look better, but knowing that grime, oil, and anything else that flew into my face while I was running around with my kids or coaching soccer has been cleaned off, does make a difference in the way I carry myself. Looks are not everything, but having a clean face is a pretty good way to start the day.

My day starts off with the Axiom Daily Essentials Kit which can be purchased for $50 by clicking here.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I have been compensated. The words and thoughts behind this post are my own. 

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