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Apple Fitness+ Now has Postpartum Exercises for New Moms

17-years-ago, when my wife had our first child, we weren’t told a lot about postpartum exercise. There was some mention, but very little focus. And then, after the other 3 were born, more attention was paid because exercising can help the mother’s body recuperate after giving birth. But how many moms actually have the time to make their own bodies a priority? Or energy for that matter?

Apple Fitness+ recently added a new workout program called “Get Back to Fitness After having a Baby” to their app. Living in NYC, new parents must lift a lot of strollers up and down stairs and that is hard on anyone, let alone a person who just gave birth. Apple Fitness+ helps strengthen the body by the use of core, strength, and mindful cooldown exercises.

The first core exercise focuses on breathing, gentle core moves, and pelvic floor movements. Once that first core is mastered and the new mom is ready to move on, the next core workout builds up abdominal and back strength. The app also includes upper body and lower body workouts that use body weight and light dumbbell exercises.

I watched my wife bring 4 humans into the world and will always be amazed at what the human body can endure and do. I wish Apps like Apple Fitness+ had been around during my wife’s postpartum time, that way she could have exercised in the privacy of our home and at her convenience.

Get Back to Fitness After Having a Baby is designed by moms and personal trainers, Betina Gozo, Marimba-Gold Watts, and Jonelle Lewis. The workouts are 10 minutes long and vary since there are different types of deliveries and different levels of difficulty.

Apple Fitness+ also has exercises for pregnant moms to help moms stay active during their pregnancy.

And for those parents who enjoy taking long walks to help stay fit, check out Time to Walk, which is used with Apple Watch and includes guests and music to entertain you as you step.

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