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All In, by Josh Levs: Book Review

All In book coverPaternity leave, leave for new fathers, has been a hot topic in the news lately. Politicians are voicing their opinions on the subject and companies such as Netflix are offering paternity leave that goes above and beyond what the law requires. I’m excited that paternity leave has finally made it to the forefront of the public conscious.

Josh Levs, author of All In, has been a champion for several years now. Levs, a journalist and Peabody award winner, became a fighter for paternity leave after he was denied paternity leave of his own. He fought for his right to spend the early stage of life with his child and won. Now, he is working hard so that more men (and women) can take the leave that they and their families deserve.

All In is a reasoned argument for why paid leave should be available and accessible to all fathers. Levs points out that it not only strengthens the bond between father/child and husband/wife, but also makes financial sense and promotes equality. And Levs makes a strong case for paternity leave.

But was surprising for me about the book, is that it is much more than just a case for paternity leave. Levs writes about work/life balance, dads in pop culture, fatherlessness, and even sex within a partnership after kids arrive. There really is something in his book for every father.

I read many parenting books and All In is now one of my favorite books on fatherhood. Even though much of the book hits on the business side of fatherhood, the book is written in a way that is informative, engaging, and entertaining. All In is that rare parenting book that covers the whole fatherhood gambit.


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