5 Reasons to Visit a Kalahari Waterpark Now

We’re always looking for a way to break away from New York City and experience family fun. Thankfully, we haven’t run out of options. Our latest breakaway came by way of Kalahari Waterpark. Kalahari is a resort chain specializing in indoor waterparks and located in Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Kalahari Waterpark in the Poconos is a two-hour drive from NYC, which makes for a sweet short trip helping the whole family feel happy and refreshed. Now that the cold weather seasons are upon us, visitors can pretend summer is still hanging on while splashing around in their swimsuits.

Here are my 5 reasons you need to plan a trip to a Kalahari Waterpark.

  1. The weather is never a problem. While we were visiting Kalahari, a thunderstorm struck the area. No worries though. Rain or snow can’t keep the family from having fun in the water.
  2. Who doesn’t like water slides? Kalahari Waterparks are the largest indoor water parks in the country and filled with water slides. The whole family will exhaust themselves while attempting to ride as many water slides as possible.
  3. Attentive live guards are throughout the park. A lifeguard is never far away to make sure all visitors are safe.
  4. Often, I get turned off by how dirty water parks can be. The staff at Kalahari make sure the pools, eating areas, and relaxing areas are clean.
  5. The best reason, watching the many smiles on my children’s faces. Before we went to Kalahari, I was feeling stressed and wanted to have fun with my family. It didn’t take long for the stress to fall off my shoulders and become the fun dad I always want to be. We laughed, splashed, and chased one another around. The memories we made will last forever. I’m already looking forward to our next trip to the park.


Some Random Tips:

  • It is possible to only buy water park tickets. If the price of the resort is too high for you, you can either drive in and out that day or stay at a less expensive hotel. There are plenty in the area.
  • Arrive at the water park early. Since we arrived early, we could go on many rides. Once check-in begins, the park becomes busy and lines grow longer.
  • Food may not be brought into the park. If you are trying to cut costs for the day, pack a lunch and leave it in the car. The family can eat at tables or benches outside the resort. That being said, I recommend eating at the Buffett where appetites can be satiated after a long day of swimming.

Disclaimer: Kalahari Waterpark provided my family with park passes for review. The words and images in this post are my own. 

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