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2014: One Good Dad in Review

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2014 was a challenging year for me on many fronts. There were personal issues that seemed to have dominated my year even if they only took up a few months. We also started homeschooling our kids, which took up a lot of time and energy. Couple those things with the normal stresses of life, sicknesses, soccer practices, and the other obstacles and you get a busy and stressful year.

My blog however began to take flight this year. I had opportunities to interview celebrities, travel the world, and get PAID for blogging. I had good numbers the previous two years, but things began to come to fruition this year. I also had my first viral post, was interviewed by newspapers, and made some TV appearances, which all were a lot of fun. When I began One Good Dad, I had no idea what I was doing or had any goals. I simply wanted to tell a good story. 2014 was different though. I still wanted to tell a good story, but I had a plan and some goals. And I am happy to say that I met them.

2015 looks to be an even better year for my blog. Traveling will once again be a big part of my blog. We have several trips planned and I am looking forward to reviewing some great places with my family. Homeschooling was much easier on the road than at the dinner table and traveling will add to my children’s educational experience. I also have another big project that I’ll be announcing soon.

And speaking of homeschooling, I rarely wrote about that aspect of my life in 2014. It seems that more and more families are interested on tackling this way of learning, so I’ll be discussing my homeschool adventures more in 2015.

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Happy New Year!

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  1. I’ve truly enjoyed following your blog and reading across your various topics. Can’t wait to read and see what happens for you and your family in 2015.

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