X-Treme Comfort Pants from Lee are Great for Coaching, Playing Sports, and After a Vasectomy

Lee Edge

I have a confession: I’m vain. I always have been. Since I was a kid, I have always wanted to look my best. My hair needed to be in a certain way and my clothes always needed to fit a certain way. Now I’m a dad, and I still want to look my best. No dad bod here. My hair has fled from portions of my head, but my clothes still need to fit and look a certain way.

I’m a skinny guy and I need my clothes to be form fitting. Baggy clothes on skinny people never looks good. Never. Don’t fool yourself. Anyway, that’s the way I like to dress. Since becoming a dad though, I have an extra element to my wardrobe requirements; my clothes need to move easily, while staying true to my strict fashion standards. In a nutshell, my clothes need to be extra comfortable while still being fashionable. Which is why I’m loving the new X-Treme Comfort pants from Lee Jeans.

My family is currently on a 3 week road trip and my X-Treme Comfort pants have been my go-to pants.  I can best describe them as the outcome of khaki pants mating with exercise clothes. And they have been able to stand up to an onslaught of kid vomit and BBQ sauce. Normally, I wouldn’t wear pants to drive, hike, and walk around in, preferring jeans, but these pants are so comfortable that I would wear them for any situation.


This might go in the TMI (too much information) category, but the X-Treme Comfort pants were my vasectomy pants. As I mentioned before, I like to look good at all times. You’ll never find me wearing sweat pants out in public. Well, most guys wear stretchy, comfortable pants (i.e. sweat pants) to get a vasectomy. There was only one pant I was going to wear for such an occasion, though. After arriving home, I kept wearing the pants since they stretched so well and I could stuff bags of frozen peas down the front. My son actually asked me one day, “Why are you dressed up?” I answered, “I’m just lounging.”

I’m watching the NCAA tournament right now and can’t help but think that these coaches should wear the X-Treme Pants. Then they could move up and down the sideline with ease while still looking good. The pants also provide coolness and comfort on the inside, which would help any coach guide their team through March Madness.  I coach my son’s soccer team and I’ll be running up and down the sidelines while wearing the pants this season.

So there you have it. Lee Jeans X-Treme comfort pants are good for coaching, traveling, hiking, and even wearing after a vasectomy.

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Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and Lee for this promotion.


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