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Woofi: The Lost Sheep – Book Review

While browsing around the Book Expo America in NYC, I picked up several books that caught my attention. This was one of them. 

Woofi: The Lost Sheep

Author: Suzanne Geiss

Illustrator: Alan MacBain

Publisher: Because We Care Ministries

Price: $14.99

woofiThe Bible calls Jesus “The Good Shepherd.”  This story of Woofi, a shepherd dog, demonstrates the Biblical truth that when a sheep is lost, the shepherd will “leave the ninety-nine others and go out into the hills to search for the lost one.”

When one of the flock wanders off, Woofi and the shepherd go off to find the lost sheep. Dangers lurk around every corner, but Woofi and the shepherd continue their search.  Despite the horrors that they encounter and the bad weather they face, they don’t rest until the missing sheep is found.

The book also includes word games, mazes, a review section, and discussion questions to help children understand the material better. The suggested age suggested range is 4-10, and I think that most kids between the ages of 7 to 9 could read the book on their own.

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