Thoughts on the Proctor & Gamble “Thanks Mom” Commercial

A player scores a touchdown, and shortly after running to the sidelines, he turns to the camera and yells, “Hi mom!” It has been going on since the beginning of time. Shortly after Abel hit a home run off of Cane, he probably ran the bases and yelled after crossing home plate, “Hi mom,” Poor Adam was left to think, “after all the work I’ve done in teaching my kids the correct way to throw and hit, not to mention all the animals I’ve named, my kids still appreciate Eve more than me. I can’t believe she’s eating apples again!”

I’m not shocked by the Proctor and Gamble commercial that aired during the Olympics – you know, the one where various athletes say, “Thanks Mom.” After all, what would you expect from a company that sells Tampax, Always, and Cover girl products?  I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be a “thanks mom” commercial. I think it is a great commercial. As a stay-at-home dad, though, I cringe just a tiny bit. For decades now, men have been told to step up their parenting roles. And we have. And how are we repaid? By once again having our hard work overlooked by the other sex. Man, how have you women been able to do that all these years?

I’m not as upset as some other dads, but I would like to see more appreciation from the media. The pats on the back from my family obviously mean the most, but a “thanks dad” commercial would be nice. Maybe Guinness will be the first. That would be a company whose products I would gladly endorse.

For those that would like Proctor and Gamble to give a shout out to dads, sign a petition here. I’m sure Old Spice could throw a “Thanks Dad” into their next commercial.  And if you don’t P&G, I might have to spread that old satanic cult membership rumor again that went around in the 80s. Remember that folks? The whole moon and stars thing? Give us a shout-out, pretty please with a big Charmin on top?

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