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This Dad’s opinion as to why Batman v Superman is a bad idea

batman vs supermanAt Comic Con, Zach Snyder announced that the next Superman movie would include Batman and would likely be titled “Batman v Superman.” Comic fans around the world spontaneously combusted into particles of joy as the words rang out. This fan was not one of them.

I immediately thought, and still do, that it is a bad idea. DC’s top two heroes squaring off may make for a great movie, but the timing is wrong.

DC has fallen behind Marvel in the superhero genre fan base over the years and it is obvious that they are trying to jump on the comics-to-film bandwagon. Who can blame them? Consider the success of The Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. DC wants, and needs, to catch up, but they are jumping in too soon.

The Avengers had 3 characters with their own franchises before a joint movie was made. The actors had already developed the identities of their characters before they were all tossed together.  Ben Affleck is untested as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Henry Cavill, despite an excellent start, has yet to firmly plant himself in the public mind as the embodiment of Superman. Most fans of Superman still envision Christopher Reeve when thinking of The Man of Steel and Cavill needs more time to not only grow into the character, but also grow on the rest of us.

Cavill still needs at least one more standalone Superman film under his belt before the studios add more characters that could outshine his Superman.  With the addition of Ben Affleck as Batman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, I’m even more concerned that the film’s other characters will outshine the first comic superhero.

Now, why should any of this matter to me as a parent blogger?

I am a fan, but superhero movies (actually, all things superhero) are part of how I parent. My children’s imaginations are fueled by the stuff of superheroes.  When my family is watching a superhero movie together, we are all on the same level; in awe and inspired. And from the youngest to the oldest, across gender lines, everyone agrees that the movie is awesome. We have common ground to unite us.

I grew up with comic books and superhero movies and I love that my kids are embracing the same things that I hold so dear in my childhood memory rolodex. I not only want the next Superman movie to be a success, but I also want it to be really good. Christopher Reeve’s first portrayal of Superman was great and Superman II knocked it out of the park. I want the same for Henry Cavill. Because if he gets that opportunity, then my kids and I will have many more opportunities to watch our favorite comic book hero come to life.

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  1. Although I too am swept up into the excitement of seeing these two monumental icons of superheros share the scree together, I wholeheartedly agree that they should do some more character films first before bringing them together like this on-screen.

  2. My main issue as one who watches super hero movies but doesn’t ever read the comics, why the “versus?” Why must Superman and Batman be against each other? Why can’t they be friends?

    1. I think they might be basing the film on Frank Miller’s Batman VS Superman. I wouldn’t have minded if they worked up to that movie, but I thinking they are moving too fast.

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