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Things That Go, by Emily Stead: Book Review

Things that GoThings That Go!

Author: Emily Stead

Illustrators: Anna Stiles, Lucy Neale, and Dan Crisp

Publisher: Barron’s

Price: $9.99

Things That Go! is an activity book that would be a great addition to any children’s library. The book includes stickers, puzzles, games, and activities for preschool and young elementary children. Kids will enjoy peeling and placing the stickers throughout the book, as well as the many creative games. With a tough plastic cover, the book holds up to the toughest treatment. And considering the number of times I shove activity books into bags, that is a plus in my book.

With the large amount of travel that my family does each year, I’m always looking for a good activity book to take along. This book fits the bill.

My age suggestion: 4 to 7

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