The New Lite Brite: Toy Review

Lite Brite 1My sister and I loved our Lite-Brite when we were kids. We would come up with crazy designs or follow a grid to make a picture. Often times, the Lite Brite became our nightlight and the colors ricocheted off the walls as we fought the urge to stay awake.

But, there were problems with the old Lite-Brite design, as you might remember. For one, it got really hot. If you left it on for long periods of time, as we often did, it would lite you up if touched. Also, the pieces always seemed to fall out, becoming embedded in our feet before becoming food for the vacuum.

Hasbro released other versions of their famous toy over the years, but the same problems always existed. But now, there’s a new Lite-Brite in town. This new version lays flat and the child (or grownup) looks down upon the designs. As a result, the pieces, which are slightly larger and easier to handle, stay put. Because it runs on batteries and uses LED lights, it stays cool to the touch and is portable. And there are different light modes, one of which is a wave light that looks quite cool if your kids make an aquatic scene.

Lite Brite 2

I recently picked up the toy at a recent Time to Play event and it was one of my kids’ favorites and is still being played with on a daily basis.

Pros: The pieces are sturdier and larger than those from the past, which means they stay put and are less likely to be lost. Also, the different light modes are an added bonus.

Cons: It can be awkward to open the compartment holding the pieces, especially for little kids. I was going to go without a con, but I’m getting tired of cleaning up pieces after my youngest spills them.

Conclusion: This is a fun toy and would make a great gift for a creative child.

*Disclaimer: The company provided a sample of the product for my review, but I was not compensated and the opinions are my own.


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