The CoolForce Awakens: Dropping Underwear Knowledge

Champions 2From the time I spend at the soccer field, you would think I’m a professional athlete. At least six days in seven, I’m down on the soccer pitch. But alas, my amazing ball-handling skills are not the reason I’m down there; it’s my amazing parenting skills. (Yes, I’m a humble guy.)

As a stay-at-home dad, it’s my job, with baby in tow, to cart around my three kids to their four teams. When I first starting kicking a soccer ball around with my toddler, back when there was just one little one running in our home, I had no idea that someday my schedule would look like this:


Legend 3

Sunday: Soccer games – Games for 12, 10, and 4-year-old (Oldest plays two games and I coach one)

Monday: Soccer practice – My 12-year-old’s second team

Tuesday: Soccer practice – My 12-year-old’s first team (I coach)

Thursday: Practice – 12-year-old’s second team

Friday: 10-year-old daughter’s team

Saturday: Games for 12, 10, and 4-year-old (Oldest plays two games and I coach one)


And that’s just my soccer schedule. I also have to run them to Taekwondo classes and piano lessons. And that doesn’t include my other responsibilities, things like shopping, cleaning, and school work.

It takes a special kind of dad to take on my daily responsibilities. (again, the humility.) A Dadlete if you will. (Dad + Athlete = Dadlete.) No need to pump iron at the gym to get my body in shape or run a marathon. All I have to do to be in tip top shape is be an involved dad.

To do all these dad things, I need to an extra edge to help me get through the day. And what is that extra edge? My underwear. My awesome dad skills are enabled by my awesome underwear.

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Let me ask you this, how much does your day suck when you are wearing uncomfortable underwear? Bad underwear days are a thing of the past now that I wear Russell CoolForce Performance Underwear. CoolForce underwear is made with chemical free cooling technology which helps to regulate evaporation and wicks away moisture. That is a fancy way of saying when you take your ski pants off after a day on the slopes, a nasty odor will not be riding up your nostrils.

And speaking about things that ride up, no worries there with Russell Performance Underwear. I can go from running with the soccer team to sitting down on the grass without my underclothes inching up my… waist.

So, in a nutshell… if you are looking to pick up comfortable underwear to match your active lifestyle, take it from this Dadlete and buy a package of CoolForce Russell Performance Underwear. You can’t go wrong with the bright yellow pair.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this blog post, but the words are my own.



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