Skylanders Swap Force: Video Game Review

Skylanders Swap ForceFamilies can gather around their gaming systems once again as they try to save the Skylands in the new Skylanders Swap Force video game from Activision.

What sets this game apart from other Skylander games is that players are mashed together, combining their powers exchanging tops and bottoms with other Skylander characters. Let me blow your mind here for a minute — you could create a character that harnesses the powers of both fire and water. Yeah, go ahead and mull over that one for a moment.

Why are you able to separate the characters you ask? Because the volcano that feeds their powers has erupted, blowing them apart and sending them to Earth. Stay with me here; it is a video game aimed at kids.

Pros: Parents and kids will have a great time overcoming challenges together. Parents will be playing this game long after the kids are in bed.

Cons: There’s a lot of Skylander characters to collect and the kids will want them all. Heck, I want them all. That’s a minor con though. There is violence in the game, although it is cartoonish in nature.

Ages: Recommended for ages ten and up. In my opinion, some younger kids will be able to play this game, depending on their maturity and gaming skills.

* The company provided a sample of the product for my review, but I was not compensated and the opinions are my own.

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