Sears makes shopping for Mother’s Day with a Contagious Baby Easy

Sears 1My baby is contagious. Not like Zombie contagious, but getting over the mumps contagious. And I really needed a new hand-held blender because our current one decided to go up in smoke. Literally, it began smoking while using it to blend up some baby food. It kind of looked like R2D2 when he got zapped by the Jawas. And since we make our baby food, I was in a bit of trouble.

I have four kids. Sometimes I feel like I’m driving a clown car and when I stop, a ton of little clowns rush out of my vehicle. And usually when they rush out, tons of old French fries, apple peels, and stickers fall out too. Why do I have stickers falling out? I don’t know! I need help. Anyway, going anywhere with my brood takes a lot of patience, endurance, fortitude, strength, and dare I say, bravery. I could go on if you’d like, but I won’t.

Back to the main point. I needed a hand-held blender. In my house, it’s called the “Jjjjjt” for the noise that it makes. We’re weird like that. And so I weighed my options. I live in Queens and I could shop close by with the whole gang in tow, traipsing through the store and exposing everyone in our wake to pathogens, or I could drive a bit further to a Sears out in Rego Park (also in Queens). It would be a longer drive, but choosing Sears meant I could order the blender online and pull up to the store and have someone bring the blender to my car.

And that was the road we took.

Sears 2

Shopping this way is super easy. Here’s what you need to do. First, download the Sears app. Then, go to and make your purchase.  You need to be a “Shop your way member” in order to pick-up at the store, so sign up when making the purchase. You’ll have the option to pick-up at store when checking out. For more information on how to use the store pick-up, click here.

There are so many other reasons to use this purchasing method besides the contagious baby reason. Which is why I am writing this post to begin with. Sears is running a #AllForMom campaign, (not to be confused with the great song All For Love by Bryan Adams, Sting, and Rod Stewart), to let everyone know the easiest way to buy for the mom in your life is to order online and pick-up at the store. No need to shop with the kids inside the store and have them ruin the surprise of whatever you chose to buy her. This way, no snitching by the bystanders that live in your house can occur.

And one more thing. Shoppers who use for their online purchases between May 3 and May 7 will be entered into a contest to win a $5,000 Sears gift card.

There you have it. Whether you have a contagious baby or are trying to avoid snitches, the best way to buy for mom (or anyone else for that matter) is by using the buy online and pick-up at store method. From kitchen appliances to clothes to technology, you’ll find something you or mom needs. And yes, I’m totally saying the hand-held blender is a mother’s day gift. You know, for the margaritas this summer.

Sears 3

Happy Mother’s Day!

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Life of Dad and Sears. I have received compensation for this post; however, all opinions stated are my own.


  1. I like that you can relate to the tougher side of parenting and hauling around a pack of kiddos even when they’re sick. You painted a great picture of the needs you have to get done, like shopping, and that it never stops – even when one or all of the kids is under the weather.

    It was a fun read – great job.

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