Haunted and Ghostly Tales From my Travels

You want to hear something really scary?

Sorry, I have nothing really scary. A bit creepy, though. Over the years, I’ve had some strange encounters. Not only have I heard things go bump in the night, but I’ve seen some things. Experienced some things. Felt some things. Things that have sent shivers down my spine and goosebumps up my arms. I’ve written about some of our haunted adventures on my blog.

Here are some favorites:

Getting Touched in the most haunted castle in Ireland.

I was touring Leap Castle when I opened a door next to a room where one brother killed his brother. While looking down a long, dark hallway, something yanked my arm down. I was the only one on the spiral staircase. It was enough to raise all the hair on my body.
To read the whole story, click here.

My daughter and I experienced a ghostly disturbance in a castle in Spain.

My family was on vacation in Spain, and we stayed one night in Parador Cardona. Due to some of my kids’ unwillingness to sit still during supper, I went back to the room with one kid, and another child joined me later. We heard knocks on the walls and doors. When I opened the door repeatedly, nobody was there. At one point, the doorknob shook and turned, and I quickly opened it. The hallway was empty.
Read the entire story by clicking here.

My family loves ghost tours. Not only are they fun and a great way to get spooked, but they also tell hidden stories buried beneath a city’s past.

Check out these ghost tour tales:
A Ghostly Greeting in Charleston 
Visiting Cooperstown’s Hyde Hall 
A Welcomed Missed Opportunity: Getting Lost on a Ghost Tour in London with my Son

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