Scanimalz: Toy Review

moosic scanimalzI have always been a little leery about letting my kids play with digital toys. Having to monitor the amount of my kids’ screen time isn’t fun. However, once in a while a toy with a corresponding ap comes along that I don’t mind letting my kids plays with. Scanimalz, a toy by Wicked Cool Toys is one such toy. The toy itself is cute (my daughter has the cow), but the fun part of owning this toy is the ap. Each toy comes with a QR code you can scan or a number code you can enter to unlock an interactive ap.   A child unlocks games and earn points the more times the ap is played. My daughter believes that playing the game helps her cow grow and mature. We mainly play the ap when we’re traveling, or for some down time here and there, so we’re still learning.

At around $10, this toy is a good bargain, especially for those of us that occasionally take long car rides and don’t mind passing our phones to the kids for entertainment. The games are safe and easy to play.

The Scanimalz suggested age range is 3 and up. That is fine for the toy, but for the ap my suggested age range is 7 and up.

Positives: $10 goes along way with this toy and the children will be excited about unlocking and scanning new items.

Cons: As in all digital toys, monitoring of time is an issue. Set boundaries and don’t waiver on them.

*The company provided a sample of the product for my review, but I was not compensated and the opinions are my own.

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