Save Face & Create with the New Miitopia for Nintendo 3DS

What if you lived in a world where faces could be stolen? How terrifying would that be? Somehow in Miitopia, it isn’t terrifying at all. Miitopia is an RP game for the Nintendo 3DS. In the game, the Dark Lord has stolen people’s faces in Miitopia and a hero is needed to return them.  The player must create their Mii and enlist friends to help combat the Dark Lord.

My 5-year-old loves playing with the character he created as he overcomes the challenging stages. My 13-year-old enjoys the combination of creating characters, unlocking items, and game play.

Below is a video of my 5-year-old playing the game.

Here is a review from a gamer at Battlefront Unleashed.


Disclaimer: Nintendo provided my family with a copy of the game. All opinions are my own. 

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