Robo Me: Toy Review

robotYou’ve seen the movies. Robots at first are helpful, but then turn on their masters causing some type of doomsday epidemic. Robo Me is just the beginning.

Why is Robo Me the beginning of the Robot apocalypse you ask? Because this is how we are going to get sucked in. The robot comes into your home full of fun and ways to pass the minutes and make you believe that you have a friend. Then one day, it gathers the toaster, blender, and dare I say, your television in revolt against you.

Could that happen? Why do I continue to ask questions only to answer them with the next sentence?

Robo Me from WowWee is another great technologically-advanced toy that has come out this year. Robots and remote control toys have really kicked it up many notches over 2013. Wow Wee has pushed its way to the top of the Robot toys with the Robo Me.

What separates this toy from a lot of other robot toys is the ability to personalize it. Tweaking the robots personality and customizing the robot’s face is possible by downloading an app and using a an iphone as the face of the robot. Customizing the face helps kids to get more involved and have a greater stake in learning more about their new robot.

Other added bonuses include voice commands, sensors on the robot that help detect when something is close, and the ability to control the robot with an ipad. Also the robot seems to really like shaking hands. A remote control comes with the robot as well.

Pros: What kid wouldn’t want their own robot at their command? The robot is easy to maneuver and it can be played with immediately. Parents will love to play with this toy as well.

Cons: Besides contributing to the downfall of humanity by allowing robots to enter our homes, the robot will also frustrate those with other smart devices that are not iphones or ipods.  If there are varying degrees of light in the room, the robot might not work as properly. I’m no robot or techie, but I would probably guess this is a result of the sensors.

Price: $99.99

* The company provided a sample of the product for my review, but I was not compensated and the opinions are my own.

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  1. Let’s play an interesting game. I really wanted to enjoy the RoboMe because robot provides a fun interactive product for kids to learn to program responses. I will buy it for my daughter

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