Realizing My Kids Are Growing Up Fast

The car was packed full of groceries after a trip to Costco. My Kia Sorento had already been jammed with Taekwondo bags, a soccer bag and various other kid-related items, and the boxes quickly took up the remaining free space. As I observed my packing attempt, it was glaringly apparent that my children — two of them in car seats — would have an uncomfortable ride home.

My three kids usually sit side by side in the back seat, where they are safely buckled in. I stared at the car overflowing with groceries, and it dawned on me: My oldest son is now old enough and big enough to sit in the front passenger seat. So, I ran though the safety checklist in my mind and repositioned the groceries.

“Where am I going to sit?” he asked.

“You’re driving home,” I said, as I shut the back door.

“What?” he questioned, as my daughter frightfully shook and pleaded, “Seriously?”

I relented and told him to get into the passenger seat.

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