Raising my Self-esteem with JACHS New York Clothing

One of my new favorite clothing brands is JACHS New York.

JACHS is a menswear clothing company that began operations in 2008. Their clothing has helped me fit into any situation I find myself in. If an event calls for me to be dressed up, then I have blazers and dress pants to choose from. If a situation calls for business casual, JACHS has me covered there as well. Even when I’m out and about with my kids, which I almost always am, I can look stylish even with pizza sauce dripping down my front.

For a long period, I neglected my appearance. Frankly, I was depressed for much of that time. I tossed one of my favorite ironic t-shirts (no judgment, I’ll always love them), and a pair of baggy sweats, and that was my attire for the day. I’d pick up the kids from school that way. Go shopping that way. Walk around New York City that way. My outer appearance represented my inward appearance. I was down and cared little about the way I looked.

Going to therapy helped a lot. I opened up old wounds and finally dealt with them. I took medication. I also put in the effort to look better, and that affected how I felt on the inside. Instead of the baggy fit, I went with more form-fitting clothing. Instead of the same t-shirts, I added button-ups to my clothing schedule. Instead of long shorts with deep pockets, I wore more contemporary shorts. Putting in the effort and thought improved my self-esteem.

JACHS NY helps me get to that point. Whatever I put on, I feel good about the way I look. I stand a little taller, my chin goes higher, and I believe I belong in every room I enter. I like this new me.

To peruse through JACHS New York clothing line, click here.

Disclaimer: I have partnered with JACHS New York for this post.

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