Puffs Plus is the tissue for the little noses in my house

Puffs PlusWe are an allergy ridden family, so wiping noses is not just a wintery activity, but a year-round one. Sometimes it seems as if sneezing is a way of greeting one another affectionately. Winter, though, with its cold, harsh air, can be extra tough on the little noses in our home. My four month old baby recently came down with her first cold and her little nose was a snotty faucet. Soon, she’ll begin to teethe and all parents know that once a child begins to teethe, the nose juices flow.

As an allergy sufferer, I think of myself as a tissue aficionado. With the constant wiping of noses, Puffs Plus is a great addition to every bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, and anywhere else where you will quickly need a tissue. Puffs Plus is as much a fixture in my home as the antique vases that line my bookshelves. Most tissue brands work just fine for the first few wipes and blows, but repeated wiping is like rubbing sandpaper on the face. I am not going to trust the precious noses in my family to just any tissue.

I haven’t always been lucky enough to have a box of Puffs Plus tissues around. In a pinch, I have been forced to wipe with a variety of things – pieces of paper, diaper wipes, winter gloves,  pine cones, and paper towels, to name a few. And tissues didn’t use to be much better than any of those things. As a child, there was a reason I preferred wiping on my shirt sleeve or the old farmer’s blow to blowing it on a tissue – tissues made my nose sore and chapped. I actually remember when Puffs Plus came out. It was a whole new experience in nose-blowing. With Puffs Plus, the tissue contains aloe, which helps fight off chapping and keeps the nose from getting that yucky scrapped look under the nostrils.

We have had a mild winter so far, but don’t be fooled – the cold and snow are coming. After shoveling snow or having a huge snowball fight with all the neighbors, a nice cup of hot chocolate and a box of Puffs Plus nearby will be a nice way to end the festivities.

And when you’re done with all the tissues, those boxes can be used for crafts. One way to use the box is to cover it with plaster or construction paper and use it as a bank for the kids or as a pen and pencil holder. If you let the kids decorate it, it also makes a nice gift for little ones to give to their grandparents.

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Disclaimer: I received product and compensation for this post. The opinions and love of a non-chapped nose are my own.


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