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Parenting During a Zombie Invasion: A Dad’s Look at World War Z

Stay-at-home dads are entering the mainstream. I recently had the pleasure of seeing a film in which the main character decided to leave a high profile job to stay home with his children. He began his days by making pancakes for breakfast and spent the rest of the day running his family around. Like most films, this great father comes to a point in his life where he must choose whether to stay with his family or follow a path that will take him away from them. Unfortunately for this man, played by Brad Pitt, both options involve battling zombies.

pitt world war zYes, I’m talking about World War Z. Brad Pitt plays a former UN worker who decides to hang up his boots for a pair of comfy pjs. Then as terrible luck would have it, two years later the zombies come and he has to make a decision—well, the decision is kind of made for him. Brad Pitt really nails the role of the worried dad that is trying to save his family. Does he succeed in saving them? Well, you’ll have to see the movie.

What do we learn from the movie?  When there is a terrible end-of-the-world type catastrophe or when the zombies come – and believe me, they’re coming – look for a stay-at-home dad. Stay-at-home dads know what it is like to throw aside our own desires and make sacrifices for the benefit of others. Follow us if you want to live.

Side review: Would I recommend this movie? Yes. The movie is intense and keeps you on the edge of your seat for the whole film. While it’s obvious that they changed directions a few times while making the movie, and there isn’t anything new that the film adds to the zombie genre, you’ll get your money’s worth if zombie movies are your thing. You don’t go to a Zombie movie thinking you’re going to get Casablanca, after all.

Age recommendation: The film is PG-13 and that seems about right. There isn’t any gore like in most zombie films, but there are still intense scenes with a lot of killing. A lot of killing.

Side note to sell something: I wrote a play that about a zombie invasion called Population ?. If any theaters are interested, let me know by emailing me at By the way, the play is pretty darn good. Of course, if you’re not interested in filling seats, then don’t bother.


  1. Thanks for the cool review…I’m not a Brad Pitt fan, but based on your review, I’m going to have ti check this movie out! Your thoughts on the rating were really helpful, as I’ve got a 13 year old that is addicted to all things zombie, and I wondered whether this was age appropriate. Thanks!!!


    1. Thanks for your comment. The zombies in this movie don’t bit and tear flesh apart like they do in all other zombie movies and TV shows. They just bite. The gore is toned down, but the movie is intense. I think most 13 year olds would be fine.

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