Not Everyone Can Be Legendary (Like Me), But You Can Smell Legendary (Like Me): Giveaway

There's a storm a comin'
There’s a storm a comin’

A couple of months ago, I wrote about my legendary status. I gave you my schedule and listed all the ways that I am, well, legendary. After the schedule I proceeded to show you some pictures that cemented my legendaryness.

Being me is no easy task, but you can smell like me. Enter my #Smellegendary (That’s Smell with one L) by commenting why you are a hardworking dad. Here’s how it works. For every comment of why you or someone you love is legendary, you’ll get one entry. And for every tweet of this post or my previous Legendary post, you’ll get an entry.

What will you win you ask?

·         FREE entry into a 2016 Tough Mudder event to challenge the performance of the Hardest Working Collection

·         An Old Spice t-shirt fitting for Legendary Dads

·         A gift from Tough Mudder partner, Merrell, to keep more than your armpits dry

·         An autographed photo from the product king himself, Bob Giovanni (as seen on Old Spice’s popular digital infomercials)

·         Recognition of your Legendary Dad status with a customizable trophy, as commemorated by Old Spice

·         And one sweet Old Spice tool box.

The random drawing will be posted on this blog and on my Twitter account on June 13th.

Here are some handy dandy Old Spice coupons

Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and Old Spice for this promotion.


  1. I’m a hard working dad because I love my kids and work full time, part time, and a seasonal job to support my family. I would love the gift pack to smell good and work my fitness out on the Tough Mudder course!

  2. Like my Dad, I hope to set a good example of being a servant leader for my son. By being able to #smellegendary in the process, it should help him to remember my message.

  3. My dad was legendary because he worked long hours, six days a week to provide for us.

  4. My grandpa was legendary because he worked driving big rigs until he was 85. He didn’t do it because he had to, but because he loved the job.

  5. I’m a Legendary Dad because i work hard and sometimes that means I can smell hard too! That’s why the manly freshness of Old Spice would be a perfect match for my hard working Dad lifestyle!

  6. I’m a legendary dad because I have worked to perfect the art of fishing 3 lines at the same time (2 children + mom). 😉

  7. I’m a Legendary Dad because my wife and kids went on vacation and I have to stay home to work. While they’re gone I am doing a bunch of household chores, including painting the kids playhouse

  8. I’m a Legendary Dad because I come to work on Monday with paint specs still on my hands from painting the kids playhouse.

  9. My Dad is Legendary because has been their for my brother and I every time we needed him, no matter what we’ve done or how much we deserve what is coming our way.

  10. I’m Legendary because I realize I’m not a perfect Dad and must continue to work to be better

  11. I’m legendary because I work hard and I play hard. I realize my kids are wonderful and I need to focus on them as much as I can.

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