My Life Captured in Johnson and Johnson Commercials

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When I was an actor, I spent hours reading scripts in front of casting directors. Occasionally, I would get an opportunity to audition for a commercial. My acting career didn’t pan out the way I expected it to, but I finally got my commercial debut.  In it, I’m not selling a product (even though the commercial was for Johnson and Johnson and Good Morning America). Instead, I am selling an idea — the idea that dads are capable. That we are loving. That we are nurturing.  And my role in the commercial?  The one I portray on a daily basis:  “Daddy.”

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Here are the commercials:


  1. I was just thinking I remember Jeremy Johnson saying to me one time during one of the plays. That you were one of the best actors he had seen and he thought you’d make somehing of your career. You did too, like you said just not the way you thought.

    1. Thanks Beth. I remember him coming in the dressing room after my first performance where I only had 2 lines and he said it was some of the best acting he had ever seen. That did a lot for my ego.

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