“Man of Steel” Quick Shots and Battle for Metropolis: Toy Review

“Man of Steel” Quick Shots and Battle for Metropolis

battle for metropolisWhile Superman has a list of superhuman qualities – x-ray vision, indestructible body, and super speed – his most recognizable superhuman quality is his ability to fly.  Quick Shots is a new toy that allows kids to bring Superman to life in all his flying glory.  Basically a modified slingshot,  you attach Superman by his hands to a launcher and pull back on his feet. Once you let go, Superman flies through the air with great speed and high impact.  His soft gel-like body ensures that even if kids launch the toy at each other, no-one is going to be maimed as a result.

Kids can launch Superman through the air to knock over various targets. Battle for Metropolis gives the kids a special target at which to aim Superman. The set comes with an elevated ship and one Quickshot. Placing General Zod in his ship sets guards spinning around the ship.  In the middle of the spinning guards is a special button that, if hit with the Quick Shot,  ejects Zod out of the ship and onto the floor.

A variety of Superman Quick Shots can be purchased with different launchers.

Quick Shots:

quickshotsPros: Kids will have a lot of fun shooting the Quick Shots at various things. My son likes to shoot them at other toys as part of his epic battles.

Cons: They do sting a little when they make contact with the body. The package clearly states do not aim them at eyes. Parents should reinforce that when they buy this product.

Price: Quick Shots $6.99

Battle for Metropolis:

Pros: The Battle for Metropolis is a cool looking toy that is a lot of fun to play with.

Cons: My kids and I enjoyed firing Superman at the target, but hit it rarely – maybe more practice is needed. Also, in order for the guards to spin, the toy must be wound up. The guards do not spin for long and you’ll have to keep winding up the toy. While my kids had fund with Battle for Metropolis, they mostly enjoyed firing Superman at other toys.

Battle for Metropolis $30.99

Ages: The Mattel suggested age is 4 and up, but if they are going to launch the toys, I would suggest 5 or 6 and up.

*The company provided a sample of the product for my review, but I was not compensated and the opinions are my own.

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