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Jayden Jealousaurus by Brian Moses: Book Review

jayden-jealousaurus-3Jayden Jealousaurus

Authors: Brian Moses

Illustrator: Mike Gordon

Publisher: Barron’s Educational

Price: $6.99

All kids become jealous at some point or another. Some even get really angry when that jealous emotion strikes. Jayden Jealousauraus is a children’s picture book that helps parents teach their children the appropriate ways to deal with jealousy.

The book is about a dinosaur that becomes jealous of his friends. The more jealous he gets, the yellower his eyes become. As the jealous dinosaur discusses his feelings with his parents, his parents inform him that he isn’t alone in his feelings and that everyone can become jealous, but there are ways to handle that jealousy.

Also within the book are discussion points and questions to get kids to open up and talk about jealousy.

My toddler enjoys the book because, simply, there are dinosaurs with big teeth. That and the dinos are participating in some pretty silly scenarios. Kids around the ages of 4 or 5 will not only be entertained by the pictures, but will understand the book’s message that even though everyone gets jealous, there are appropriate ways to voice it.

* The publisher provided a copy for my review, but I was not compensated and the opinions are my own.

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