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It Takes a Dadlete and a Hoodie to Get 4 Kids Out of the House

Getting out of the house with 4 kids should be considered an Olympic sport. Here’s a breakdown of what going anywhere looks like. I’ll use going to church as an example.

7:30 The baby wakes up and my attempts at getting her to fall back asleep are unsuccessful.

8:00 Wake the other 3 kids up and make breakfast.

8:10 Tell the kids to get out of bed.

8:15 Yell at the kids to get out of bed.

8:30 Threaten them to get out of bed.

8:45 Pull covers off the kids.

8:50 12-year-old stomps out of room and staggers into the bathroom.

9:00 10-year-old daughter turns on TV and then the battle over the remote begins with the 4-year-old.

9:01 I yell at them to stop fighting.

9:15 Breakfast is on the table. Only the baby arrives after calling everyone.

9:25 The kids sit and chow down.

9:30 The 12-year-old finishes eating.

9:35 The baby dumps her food. Everyone laughs. I clean her up and give her more food.

9:38 The baby dumps her second bowl of food.

9:50 Everyone leaves the table. I clean the table and the kids get ready.

10:00 I check on the 10-year-old and she is still in her jammies and playing with Barbies.

10:10 Help the 4-year-old get ready.

10:15 Tell the 12-year-old he can’t wear shorts because it is WINTER.

10:20 Dress the baby.

10:30 Check on 10-year-old, she is ready and is playing with Barbies.

10:40 Brush 4-year-old’s teeth and fix his hair.

10:45 Yell at 12-year-old to get off his phone. Eye roll leads to argument.

10:48 The 10-year-old leaves for church by herself. (We walk)

10:50 12-year-old finishes getting ready and walks to the door. Gets mad when I tell him to wear a coat.

10:55 Puts coats on 4-year-old and baby.

10:56 Realizes that I’m not dressed and throws on some clothes.

10:58 Ready to walk out the door. Baby drops a HUGE load in her diaper.

11:00 Finishes changing diaper and dresses the baby.

11:01 Ready to go out the door, but the 4-year-old is no longer wearing shoes.

11:02 Shoves shoes on 4-year-old’s feet.

11:05 I can’t find my shoes… or keys… or wallet.

11:08 Finds everything and runs out the door.

11:15 Arrives at church.

You can replace the above scenario and times with going to school, doctor appointments, soccer practice, Tae Kwon Do lessons, piano lessons, and shopping.

fleece-2To get through my mornings, I must be in tip-top shape. I must get in and out of the house quickly. This is why my fleece zip-up hoodie hangs on a hook by the door. Before I run out the door with my kids, I slip on my Russell fleece zip-up hoodie. It helps keep me warms whether I am going to church, soccer practice, the park, or managing the holiday crowds.

Speaking of holiday crowds:

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Disclaimer: I was compensated by Russell for this post. The words and opinions are my own.


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