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Is The Flash Appropriate for Kids?

Is The Flash appropriate for kids? We all know that the star of The Flash Ezra Miller is not appropriate for anyone, so I’ll stick to the movie and not discuss Miller’s lifestyle.

As of right now, nobody knows the future of the DC Universe, except for maybe James Gunn. What also is unknown is what was going on in The Flash.

The Flash is about Barry Allen’s attempt to right the wrongs of the past. If you’ve watched the Justice League and other DC films and have seen the trailer, you know Allen’s mother was murdered when he was a boy and his father was blamed. Allen learns he can go back in time, which causes a big mess. Along with the mess he created, General Zod shows up to make things worse. Also, there’s now 2 Barry Allens.

There are some great moments in The Flash. Seeing Michael Keaton return as Batman was worth the making of this movie for me. Supergirl was also a great addition to the movie. There are also a lot of great cameos. Cameos that make you want to cheer. In fact, there are several moments that make you want to clap. The movie and story itself, though, are okay. I’m glad I watched the movie on the screen for Keaton and the cameos. The story seems like the writer was creating something and then abandoned his idea and switched directions. Superhero movie fans will see this movie because it’s a superhero movie. I’m one of those people that will see every superhero film. It isn’t one though that I’m going to see repeatedly.

Is The Flash appropriate for kids? Parents know what their kids can handle and will probably decide before seeing the movie. The Flash is what you can expect in a superhero movie. There’s a lot of action, a lot of death, and intense moments. This movie also has more cursing than other superhero movies. I was a bit surprised at how much. If your kids have seen other DC and Marvel films, they should be fine with The Flash.

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