Is Captain Marvel Appropriate For Kids

It’s after midnight and I’m exhausted, but I saw Captain Marvel and want to release my opinion in case some parents are on the fence about taking their kids to see the movie.  So, I’ll cut to the chase. Is Captain Marvel appropriate for children? There has been a gazillion Marvel movies by now, so parents most likely know if they’re going to take their kids. As a parent, you are the best judge what your kids can handle when it comes to movies. Like other Marvel films, there’s violence, people perish, and there are emotional scenes that might upset younger children.

Here’s how I think it stacks up to other Marvel movies.
Swearing: I believe this one involves the slightest amount of swearing. I suppose women don’t curse. (That’s a topic for another day.)
Violence: It’s a superhero movie, so most of the movie is fighting or dealing with the effects of fighting. I’d put it up there with Guardians of the Galaxy in the violence area.
Sex: None. No innuendos. No love interests. Not even a smooch.
Gore: People bleed a lot and there are dead bodies.
If your child was fine with Guardians of the Galaxy or the Captain America movies, they will possibly be fine with Captain Marvel.
Since I’m drained, here’s my final conclusion on the film: I thought the movie was good with impeccable timing for a No Doubt song. If your craving for a film focused on a woman who can kick butt and get back up after getting knocked down, then this is an excellent film to watch. I’m glad I could see it with my daughter.
If you’re waiting around for end credit scenes, there’s a good scene at the mid-credit mark. There’s also an end credit scene that is funny, but to be honest, I didn’t need to see the last one and wish we left earlier.
Go see it and support movies about women saving the world.

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