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Grab A Glass of Healthy Heights Shakes to Help Your Kids Grow

Smoothies are a hit in my house. If you have kids, they’re probably a hit in yours as well. We drink them every day. My oldest son has been putting on weight before he heads off to basic training and my younger son wants to emulate his big brother. They can’t drink the same thing though, and the younger bro requires his own special healthy smoothie that is age appropriate.

Healthy Heights makes shake mixes that are clinically proven to help kids grow. And they taste good! Consumers can either drop the mix into milk and give it a good shake, or go the extra steps and create a delicious smoothie. We like to do both.

We are an athletic family and are constantly running between soccer practices, swimming, gymnastics, or whatever else is on our evening plate. We run a busy life. Being strong and athletic is also important for my family. Healthy Heights shakes help my kids maintain and increase the weight they’ve lost through all their activities and help replace unhealthy snacks between events.

Healthy Heights shake mix comes in a variety of flavors and chocolate is my kids’ favorite. You can also add the mix to some of your favorite snacks for extra protein.

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