Hammock and Palms Sunglasses: Product Review

sunglasses 2My life and my sunglasses usually don’t mix. By that I mean that I usually lose or break my sunglasses. It’s been the fate of many of my sunglasses to be crushed as I flopped into the car or to fly off my face at an inopportune time, never to be seen again. So when I was asked to review a copy of sunglasses from Hammock and Palms, I said yes immediately.

Hammock and Palms sunglasses are made from bamboo, which means they float (so they are retrievable if a wave washes them off your face) and are pretty sturdy. I say “pretty sturdy” because they are bamboo, and I know at least one of my readers are going to think, “hmm, One Good Dad said they were tough, let me see how far I can bend them.” If that is you, don’t. They are bamboo, not titanium. If you do happen to break the glasses, though, you can send them into Hammock and Palms along with $35 and they’ll fix them. Okay, let me pull away from a hypothetical reader that is intent on breaking things.


I received my Sky Captain sunglasses ($124.99) the day before I flew to Miami for a quick getaway with my wife. Before I even left the plane, I was sporting my new glasses and seeing how I pulled off the bamboo spectacles. And I did quite nicely. My glasses were a great addition to my beach attire or my walking around attire. And although my hat got a little bent up in the suitcase, I still rocked the full Miami look.

If you have a lifestyle like mine where you have drawers of broken glasses, then Hammock and Palms glasses might be a good fit for you. And if you happen to wear them on a waterslide, they’ll be floating for you on top of the water once you land.

*Disclaimer: I was given a pair of sunglasses for this review, but the thoughts and words are my own.


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