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Floyd “Money” Mayweather, The Sports Media, And Fans

My wife, my kids, and I are all huge sports fans. One of the selling points in falling in love with my wife was that she not only enjoyed sports, but she had a passion for them. We’ve raised our kids to love and appreciate sports and have loved watching our kids gravitate towards the teams that we’ve picked out for them to love.

At times, though, I get so sick of the way the sports media and sports fans think. I grew up a boxing fan and one of my first sports memories was sitting in a room with my dad while we watched Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini fight. For years now, I have hoped for a match between the two great welterweight fighters, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd “Money” Mayweather.  In every boxing conversation, their names come up as not only the fight of the century, but possibly the greatest fight of all time. Talks between the two have been constant, but many suggest that Mayweather is afraid to fight Pacqauiao. For one reason or another, the fight is always called off. I assumed that since the fight could be the greatest fight of all time, that someone with the nickname “Money” would love for that kind of event to take place. Well it hasn’t, but once again the media is discussing the possibility of the fight.

So why am I so upset at many sports fans and the sports media? The reason is this:  Mayweather was just sentenced to 90 days in jail for abusing his ex-girlfriend. This trained fighter got into an argument with a woman and punched her, pulled her hair, and twisted her arm, while their 2 kids watched. Instead of discussing the horrible things Mayweather has done and suggesting he be banned from the ring, the sports world has turned their backs on his bullying and abuse and focused instead on when the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight will take place. I’ve heard reports on the abuse, but not once have I heard someone mention how truly horrible Mayweather’s actions were. Now, it’s possible someone did and I just missed it, but it hasn’t been the focus of the conversation.

Mayweather has been accused of domestic abuse in the past, but he hasn’t gone to jail for them. From what I know, I don’t believe Mayweather has ever apologized for his behavior, sought forgiveness, or made changes in his life to keep these things from happening again. Until he changes, I don’t believe he should be able to get in the ring again.

I’m sure many would like to see the fight just to watch Mayweather get pounded upon by Pacquiao. I don’t. If the fight takes place, Mayweather will receive a huge paycheck in the multi-millions of dollars. The only way I would ever like to see Mayweather fight again is if he had his arms and legs tied together and he was used as a self-defense dummy for a battered women’s shelter defense class. I’d watch that.


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