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Cooking with and for kids: An interview with Aaron McCargo, Jr. of the Food Network

When I was told I would get the opportunity to interview Aaron McCargo Jr. while I was in Houston, I sat down and watched every video of his that I could find on The Food Network. The first thing I noticed was that it doesn’t matter how full you are while you watch The Food Network, the shows always make you hungry. The next thing I noticed was Aaron’s enthusiasm for everything. Whether he was talking about Buffalo Chicken Cheese Balls, his faith, or his family, he always did it with a lot of energy.  The same was true in our interview. From the first hand shake, he was off and running.

McCargo’s great attitude and hard work ethic, both on display during our interview, were passed on to him from his father.  McCargo credited his father for instilling in him the necessary tools to be successful in whatever he undertook in life, and McCargo has done that. From running kitchens in hospital and restaurants in Camden, New Jersey, to winning Season 4 of Food Network Star, getting his own show Big Daddy’s House, writing a cookbook, and introducing a line of spices, (all while raising four kids), McCargo has used the tools his father gave him to be successful.

To read the interview, go to the New York City Dad’s Group webpage by clicking here.

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