Bringing Sexy to Dad 2.0 – Fulfilling a dream to read at my favorite conference

(Before I go on, I need to say I wasn’t the only one that brought “The Sexy.” It’s been there since the beginning.)

Doug French stood at the microphone and announced, “our next reader is an OG… Jason Greene.” Since it was implied that I am old, I limped up to the stage. Doug and I hugged, and I stopped in front of the microphone and glanced out over a community I have grown to cherish over these last 9 years as a blogger.

A month earlier I received an email from Doug asking me to read a post called, “My Bid to be the Sexiest Man Alive.” I wrote the post in response to hearing how sexy men are that clean, cook, and take care of children, but stay-at-home dads are never on the cover on People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue. I said “yes” right away because I have wanted to read at Dad 2.0 for a long time. After thinking it over, I replied there are other stories I’ve written that include better quality. I’ve written on the Me-Too movement, racism, miscarriages, and many diverse issues that are serious and show off what I am capable of. Doug convinced me the “Sexiest Man Alive” article was the one to deliver.
They notified me I had 5 minutes to read my story and as I rehearsed the night before, I clocked myself at 12 minutes. Trying my best to trim it down and pick out controversial language, I had it down to 8 minutes. I tried reading it fast, which took it down to 6.

The morning of the reading I woke up in a great mood. I would finally read something in front of the audience. Then I wondered, “will they find it funny?” “Are they going to assume I’m serious that I think I am the Sexiest Man Alive?” Doubt ran through my brain about my ability to pull off what I was about to say.
I stood before the podium and said, “The title of my post is, My Bid to be the Sexiest Man Alive,” and the audience chuckled. I thought, “Okay, we’re off to a good start.” I didn’t read it as myself but decided I’d become a character that was confident and believed what I was stating. As I read the post, people laughed almost the entire time. I needed to hold for laughs and seeing I was on limited time, talked over some laughs. When I finished, I was over 8 minutes with the audience clapping and cheering. And from then on, people jokingly referred to me as the “Sexiest Man Alive.” I’ll admit it’s not a bad way to be referenced even if it is a joke.
And now, I am going for the title. On many of my Instagram photos, I use the hashtag “SexiestManAlive” and even tag People Magazine. I don’t believe I’m the sexiest nor do I presume I’ll get the cover, but I’m having fun with it. Usually, when I use the hashtag, it’s in a not-so-glamorous manner. Or, I’m overkilling it.

Every year, I wonder if there is something new I’ll take away from Dad 2.0. And every year I come back with a plethora of knowledge to not merely help me as a blogger but as a dad and person. Dad 2 has workshops on writing, and also on parenting, and how culture is changing. Dad 2 hasn’t only made me a better blogger but has also helped me develop into a better man. And helped me to be self-crowned as the Sexiest Man Alive.
It was an honor to read at Dad 2.0. The people I have met through the conference have not only instructed me the ways of blogging and building a brand, but have turned into some of my closest friends. I even hiked across England for a cause with them and we still get along. Without the Dad 2.0 community, I doubt I would still be blogging. My blog is over 9 years old now, but it would have died out within years if it wasn’t for Dad 2.0. If you are a blogger (Dad or Mom), look into attending. Take it from the Sexiest Man Alive for 2019.

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