Be Thankful for Toilet Paper at Thanksgiving: Give Your Guests the Gift of Charmin Mega Roll

chm-highfive-ultrastrong-12mr-heroRight now, there is drilling, hammering, sanding, and scraping going on in my downstairs bathroom. My house went through a massive renovation and the downstairs bathroom is receiving the finishing touches. Hopefully it will be ready in time for Thanksgiving.

This Thanksgiving, instead of packing my family of 6 into our SUV, we are staying home. In past years, we traveled to spend the holiday with our extended family. For the first time, our extended family will come to visit us. This means 18 people will gather around our table. Which is why I am REALLY hoping the bathroom project finishes soon.

Can you picture 18 people and one bathroom? That’s cruel and unusual punishment. Instead of arguing about politics, we will fight over who is next in line. Watching the construction workers pull a toilet out of a box was a good sign those worries will be unfounded.

There’s one concern that can rest at ease. I will not run out of toilet paper. Once when I was a kid, I ran out of toilet paper while at a friend’s house. I yelled for my friend to bring me toilet paper, but he couldn’t hear me over the noise of Mario busting bricks with his head. After opening the cupboards in the bathroom, I cracked the door to see if I could get his attention. After more yelling, my friend finally made it to the bathroom with roll in hand. With that embarrassing moment always fresh in my mind, I try to always make sure my bathroom is stocked with toilet paper.


A stocked bathroom isn’t all I offer guests. I make sure we have plenty of the good toilet paper. You know how some people bring out the fine china when company comes over? I break out the good toilet paper. My guests will not have to wipe their bottoms with the sandpaper found in some bathrooms. After the turkey calls at my house, my bathroom will answer with Charmin Mega Roll. Seriously, this toilet paper is so soft you can sleep on it.  It’s like wiping your butt with a pillow. Fine China for your bottom if you will.

Before you pick up the turkey, stuffing ingredients, and veggies, pick up a pack of Charmin Mega Roll. Your guests will be happy you picked out TP that is 75% more absorbent than the leading bargain brand. The delicious turkey will be mentioned in the same breath as the 2-ply toilet paper found in the bathroom. The larger roll will keep you from frequently checking to see if the roll needs changing.

Give your guest something else to be thankful for this holiday season – Great toilet paper in the bathroom.

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Disclaimer: I am a brand ambassador for Charmin. I have been compensated for this post, but the words are my own.

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  1. I grew up on Charmin, but then I grew up and had to start paying for my own toilet paper. I met in the middle and now usually buy Angel Soft unless Charmin is on sale. Then it’s back to the “fine china” for my porcelain white derriere!

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